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#PlayDoh #ArtForKids | #Learn #Colors HC – Decorative circle frame clipart
Making play dough is an amazing hands-on activity, science experiment and boredom buster rolled into one! Learn how to make simple “paint” dough by mixing only two ingredients that you likely already have around the house!

Every child loves to play with playdough which can be transformed into a huge variety of shapes and forms. It can be very messy as it always seem to get stuck on the soles of your shoes and gets tracked around the house. But playing with playdough stimulates creative minds and develops strength and dexterity in little hands and fingers. Working with playdough allows your child to develop, express and share their creative ideas from an early age. No special tools are required and the techniques are easy to learn and flexible. It is very therapeutic and its something that parents can easily join in with their children. The benefits of playdough far outweigh the mess. But there are several safety issues that many parents may not be aware of.

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