How to make loading circle GIF animation in Photoshop in Hindi/Urdu

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In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn How to make loading circle GIF animation in Photoshop in Hindi/Urdu.
In this Photoshop GIF animation video tutorial you will learn how to make or create GIF with frames.
At first you will draw a shape from custom shape tool, and after creating the circle loading shape just double click on the shape layer and select gradient overlay.

Follow these steps…
Blend mode should be normal.
Dither not checked.
Opacity 100%.
Gradient black, white and must be choose your color in between.
Reverse not checked.
Gradient style should be Angle.
Align with layer either checked or not, doesn’t matter.
Angle should be start from 0( zero).
Scale should be 100%.
Now, go to the Inner Glow and select.
Set structure here…
Blend Mode should be Overlay.
Opacity 100% and Noise must be 0%.
Check Radio button the First one and set color white.
Technique should be softer and source should be edge.
Choke must be 0 and size 10 to 12.
Change contour as per need.
Anti-aliased not Checked.
Range should be 50% and Jitter must be 0%.
Press “OK”
Now open the time line from windows options to make GIF.
Here you should create new frame and set the angle of the gradient in every frame to rotate smoothly.

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