Hi10 Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters 108 480p

Dueru monstazu
After defeating Outa Soichiro the military weapons expert from Big Five’s team, as he won the body of Honda, Otogi and Serenity meet up with the gang and explain the story. Astonished and angry, Yugi and the team promise to return Honda’s body. Continuing along the way, they meet Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Mokuba who seek escape, from the virtual world they’re trapped in as well. There, all of them are confronted by what appears to be Honda, but turns out to be Out a stolen the body of their comrade. Sworn to exact his revenge on Kaiba’s betrayal ruining Outa’s life, he charges forward lunging at Kaiba with a wooden stick. After realizing their comrade is no more, but his body is now

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