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A super complete offline map so you never get lost again
If you travel or drive frequently and you want a useful and efficient GPS, then Karta GPS is for you. This navigation system is one of the best options you can find out there because it’ll take you anywhere you want to go with no need for an Internet connection.

When you open the app, Karta GPS will download the map of your country, so once it’s stored in your smartphone you won’t need an Internet connection. Karta GPS can take you anywhere in the world either by entering the name of the street, a specific point on the map, or a location inside a category. You can choose restaurants, police stations, gas stations, monuments, you name it … anywhere you want to go, just enter it and Karta GPS and your smartphone will guide you.

One of the best features of the app is that you can find your contacts depending on the location you’ve entered. Just click on your friend’s face and Karta GPS will take you to his/her house. You can also view reviews and pictures of the places you’re going to visit. Karta GPS is definitely a very complete navigation system.

“Get to your destination. Bigly.” – Huffington Post
“it’s damn good at finding tacos.” – The Next Web

No costs no worries. Go anywhere without depending on an internet connection. Download any map, they’re all free.
Beat the traffic. Our live traffic service finds faster routes and avoids traffic jams.
Safety cameras alert. Know when you are approaching a speed-controlled zone.
Get suggestions. Discover what’s around you: restaurants, shopping, monuments and more, just a tap away!

Karta GPS is an efficient turn-by-turn GPS navigation app that also includes:

🗺️ Enriched OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps – Free to download and use at any time;
🔉 Full voice guidance with spoken street names;
🚗 Automatic rerouting as traffic conditions change on the road;
🔎 One-box search: find everything faster;
😮 Voice search;
🍽️ Choose where to go for dinner, learn about the prices and reviews and make a reservation while getting the directions;
🛣️ Lane assistance for those complex highway exits;
↪️ Several alternatives for each calculated route;
🅿️ Find a parking spot as soon as you reach your destination;
📱 Find and navigate to any point on the map or contact stored on your phone;
🕒 Send your estimated time of arrival to those you’re meeting;
🏛️ Walking directions & tourist attractions;
📤 Share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS or Email
More incredible features to come in the next updates.

Let’s Get to the Point! Together.
Our offline maps are provided by OpenStreetMap and enhanced by Karta Software Technologies, with guarantee of the latest data available and free updates forever.

Some important details we need to let you know:
• When installing the app, make sure your phone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.
• Never let the navigation instructions interfere with your driving.
• Some maps may need large amounts of available storage. Please check your phone storage management for details.
• When using Karta GPS while driving, never hold the phone on your hands. Place it on a standard holder, with a clear sky view.
• Allowing GPS to run in the background for extended periods can lead to a significant reduction in battery life.

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