Create a circle image with Xara by Chris Menard

Circle images are very popular. To create a circle image using Xara Photo & Graphics Designer use the ellipse tool. You see circle images across social media sites. Your LinkedIn profile is a circle image. Microsoft owns LinkedIn. Google uses circle images for Gmail and YouTube uses the same image since Google owns YouTube.
01:30 import image into Xara
01:42 resize image
01:48 rotate image
01:57 rounded corners in Xara
03:12 Magic erase in Xara
06:18 Inserting the circle image into MS Word
06:42 Test of True Color – Alpha with a yellow background
07:15 Gracie imported and not saved as True Color – Alpha

Microsoft O365 uses circle images.

The trick to creating a circle image is to save the PNG file as True Color – Alpha.

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