80 Circle Tattoos For Men

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Ink parlors everywhere can attest to one fact: Circle tattoos are the next predominant trend in body art. Guys around the world are lining up for the perfection of spherically influenced designs.

Circular tattoos are an astutely cerebral invention for all ink lovers.

These concise logos are imaginative and understated. Ultimately, these specialized symbols proffer 360 degrees of greatness. The streamlined notion of roundness lends itself to infinite routes of optimization, and the unique effects are traditionally found in the edges. By modifying the enclosure, the appearance can be downright arcane.

For less cryptic circle tattoos, some inventive gentlemen just use the ring as a frame to encapsulate whatever imagery that prefer. The hoop doesn’t even have to be more than a simple line, but modern thinkers usually cannot resist throwing in some variation. With some snappy shading, the circular concept can take on a fresh 3D effect.

To strike a classic note, there are also plenty of circle tattoos that are geared towards practicality. Posh examples in this category include planets, coins, compasses and clocks.

Remember that a flawless circle requires professional artistry, so make sure to get your design done by a certified expert. For some examples of spectacular circle and sphere tattoos, just proceed through our top-notch compendium.

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